Urban Decay Is Back in Wonderland With the 2016 Alice through the Looking Glass Collection

“I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.”
~ Lewis Carroll

Those are some inspiring words, and they’re words that UD also uses to describe the new limited edition $60 Alice through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow palette and $18 Lipsticks, sequels to urban Decay Alice in Wonderland book of Shadows. With an emphasis on individuality and embracing the things that make us different, this collection is for the appeal risk-takers!


The Alice through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow palette ($60)

The gorgeous, complex box hides the slide-out eyeshadow palette
Even with the neon kaleidoscope eyeshadow colors, I didn’t find the palette tough to wear. I’ve heard some mixed reviews about the shadow formula, and that’s open to interpretation, but I will say that the best-performing eyeshadows also happen to be the ones that matter the most. I think it says a lot about the palette’s wearability that I was able to come up with an Alice-themed look on my first try!

There are enough smokier neutrals, along with a trio of excellent matte blending shades, to bring harmony to the bright and quirky shades.

Wearing Hatter and Head will Roll on my mobile lid, Salazen Grum and Cake on my lower lash line, Lily in the inner corner, and Dormouse and Paradox blended throughout
Swatches of the UD x Alice through The Looking Glass shadows; there are five “quads” based on the upcoming movie’s characters: (L-R) Alice, mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth, Time
The blues and greens feel a little thin but work well enough, and dream On is generally a pressed glitter. but the reds, browns, and champagnes are creamy and have a lot of depth. The entire fourth row is amazing!


Macskák és Smink Sweatshirt?

$ 42

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The Alice through The Looking Glass Lipsticks ($18 each)

Like the palette, the Alice through the Looking Glass Lipsticks ($18 each) are all about “transforming and not conforming,” and they’re some of the most interesting lipsticks I’ve ever seen.

I love the quality across the board. I haven’t had any issues in any way while wearing them. In fact, Mirana is one of the best burgundy matte lipsticks I’ve ever touched!

My one criticism, though, is with the packaging… The lids feel thin, and the lipsticks have a tendency to step around in their tubes (two of mine broke at the base *sad face*). 

But despite that flaw, they’re cool additions to your collection if you’re trying to find something different.

Swatches of the UD x Alice through the Looking Glass Lipsticks: Alice, Time, mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth

Alice (Sheer Shimmer): A sheer nude with pink shift, it adds a subtle purple/pink shine to your lips, but when you remove it, it looks orange-brown on the tissue! Talk about trippy… Anyways, this is a really interesting “nude” option.

Time (Metallized): A gunmetal-navy with silver shimmer. This is a surprisingly wearable navy, and the glitter enhances the look, so the sheerness doesn’t bother me.

Mad Hatter (Metallized): This bright purple shimmer builds up to full opacity very swiftly and has a a lot more metallic finish. It’s a purple with a lot of pink in it… Love!

Mirana (Metallized): This matte berry with tonal shimmer is one of the best burgundy lipsticks I’ve ever come across. It’s matte but doesn’t feel dry, and the glitter is in good taste.

Iracebeth (Comfort Matte): This bright red matte is intense and blue-toned, and it goes on effortlessly. It’s creamy, too, with a “natural” kind of shine.


What are your thoughts on this colorful collection? The Alice in Wonderland motion pictures aren’t exactly my thing, but I love how striking and special the collaborations are.

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